Offset Supply

Offset surplus power against the electricity consumption at different locations

Energy is playing an increasingly vital role in business life, so it is ever more important for all organisations to explore new ways to optimise the returns from their investment in this
field, especially for businesses with onsite generation. For companies that can generate electricity, either at a single site or at multiple locations, a strategy for “offsetting” any surplus generated power against the electricity consumption needed at other geographically dispersed premises can be a very attractive option.

This approach, which is also referred to as “self supply” or “netting off”, can deliver six-figure net savings to those with the right ratio of import/export requirements, even at export levels as low as 1.5-2MW.

As an independent licensed electricity supplier providing direct and transparent access to the wholesale electricity markets, for both consumers and generators, EnDCo is ideally placed to offer this service because it does not add a margin to the power it trades and, as a result, its customers retain all of the benefits of offsetting.

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