Business energy generators

Why should you be using EnDCo?

Because for net generators, we can increase your electricity revenues by at least 10%.

If you have onsite generation capability within your business ( CHP, standby generation, biomass, solar, wind or other renewable technology ) then EnDCo can help you maximise the revenues from your assets. As you are a generator we will also be able to help you realise the embedded benefits available from “demand management” opportunities, such as Triad Response, STOR and Frequency Response contracts.

In addition, with EnDCo, you will receive all of the revenue for the power that we sell on your behalf.

When wholesale prices increase, so does your electricity revenue.

EnDCo also pass back to you 100% of any embedded benefits such as BSUoS, DUoS & TNUoS.

But what if the wholesale energy price goes down?
Well, EnDCo will just lock in your price with a longer contract.


In the diagram above, as the electricity market price drops, EnDCo can lock in for the longer term making your power revenue independent from the market price slump, as shown for the first six periods and for periods 8 onwards. However, when the market price starts to rise steadily then, as in periods 6 and 7, EnDCo can keep your power contracts short in duration, to follow the price up.

How long contracts are, triggers on market prices and other parameters are all discussed and agreed before trading starts, based on your requirements, risk appetite and an in-depth analysis of your previous power generation.

The graph shows the simplest scenario. It is also possible to buy back and re-sell multiple contracts for the same time period, so we can react and adjust your contract position even though there is already a longer term contract in place.

We will tailor a solution to meet your individual needs.

Please contact us to discuss your own portfolio and requirements.