Frequently asked questions

  • What are your Terms & Conditions ?

    We pride ourselves on tailoring our products to suit you, the customer. As such the T&C’s can vary depending on what is required. Our standard T&C’s are available on request, but these are used as a starting point and can be tailored to your requirements.

  • What happens at the end of the contract ?

    The contract will have a termination date. We will contact you before hand and discuss if you wish to renew. If agreement is not reached prior to the contract termination date and you remain as a registered customer of EnDCo then the “Deemed Contract” is applied. (This is an Ofgem License Obligation and a standard approach across all suppliers). If you decide to leave then any electricity supplied after the old contract termination and prior to the new supplier contract starting, will be subject to the Deemed Contract rate. Our Deemed Contract can be accessed from this website.

  • Does EnDCo have a minimum or maximum volume requirement ?

    No we don’t, but the way the market is structured means that our flexible approach suits profiles with an average demand of 0.5 MW or greater. Below this and the industry charges start to cancel out the benefit of the flexible trading.

  • What are your fees ?

    EnDCo’s fees are tailored to the customer. For a customer who has a usage profile that is a fairly flat baseload then a fixed monthly fee is appropriate, as we will be performing less trades to cover that energy requirement. If the profile is more volatile then a variable fee element based on the volume of power traded ( £/MWh ) would be more likely as we would be required to perform more trades to meet the profiles requirement. The actual fee will be mutually agreed after we have analysed your previous usage data and have an understanding of your requirement.

  • What is your Charge per unit ? (p/kWh)

    There is no fixed p/kWh price. We purchase or sell electricity at wholesale market prices and that is the price that you will pay or receive.

  • What type of power contracts do you provide ?

    EnDCo provides fully flexible contracts. This means the power is bought or sold at market price for periods that are deemed appropriate given market conditions, your requirements and your risk appetite. All of this is discussed and agreed in advance.

  • Is EnDCo competitive ?

    Yes. Why not contact us and let us tailor a proposal for you. We aim to save 10% on your fixed price contract over a year and we regularly exceed that.

  • What does EnDCo do ?

    We procure and sell electricity on a commercial basis on behalf of our industrial customers. We pass through all industry costs and benefits in full (100%) to our customers and charge a transparent fee for our services. Please see our About us page.

  • Who are EnDCo ?

    We are an independent half hourly metered electricity supplier to non-domestic and industrial consumers and generators. Please see our About Us page.

  • Where is my meter data ?

    The meter data is stored on your meter for several months. EnDCo’s appointed Data Collector will, on a daily basis, remotely read your meter and download the previous days half hourly data. That data is then passed to EnDCo and to Elexon’s Central Systems in order for industry usage and charges to be calculated. We will have a complete record of your data for the period for which we are the registered supplier. If you require historical data you will need to contact the supplier that was registered at that time. We can provide you with your data upon request.

  • Who reads my meter ?

    The “Data Collector” appointed by EnDCo will remotely access your meter on a daily basis and provide us with your half hourly volumetric data one day in arrears.

  • How much can I save ?

    This depends greatly on what the market is doing. The more volatile the market is, the more opportunity there is to make savings. However, if the market is static it is difficult to realise the same magnitude of savings. Typically we achieve savings in excess of 10% during the course of 12 months, in comparison to traditional fixed price arrangements. So far our record is just over 31%.

  • Does EnDCo really pass through all charges at cost ?

    Yes we do. You pay for the power what we pay for power. Where there are any embedded benefits or revenue is generated, then this is also passed back to you 100%. This includes any TNUoS revenue.

  • Does EnDCo really pass through all generation revenue ?

    Yes we do. To be clear, you will receive full revenue for power that we sell on your behalf.

  • How does EnDCo make money ?

    Although we pass all costs and revenues through at 100%, EnDCo has to make money somehow. EnDCo pre-agrees a fee for its services. This is either a fixed monthly fee, a volumetric fee or a combination of both. This fee remains the same for the duration of the contract and reviewed under the contract terms. Whatever the fee is, it is charged separately, so you always know what you are paying us, and what your power is costing you. Typically this can save you over 10% on your annual bill, net of our fee.

  • Under what circumstance can you stop me from switching to another supplier ?

    You are of course free to choose your supplier and whilst we aim to provide a level of service where you would not wish to leave, should you wish to do so, we hope that you would be leaving under amicable terms, thus you would have given notice allowing EnDCo to resolve any outstanding issues. Any incumbent supplier is allowed to object to a Change of Supplier process but only under those circumstances defined by our licence and contract terms, such as there being contractual conditions which have not been complied with in some way. Such objections must be raised within 5 working days of the new supplier applying to register your supply. If our grounds for objection are upheld, then the Change of Supplier process is halted. If they are resolved then we remove the objection and the process resumes.