About us

EnDCo is the brand name of EPG Energy Limited, a UK-based energy supply business operating in the corporate sector.

What makes EnDCo so different from other energy suppliers?

EnDCo takes a different approach by “unbundling” all of the charges & benefits of electricity procurement (or generation). We pass each element, including the wholesale price of power, through to you the customer at cost.

EnDCo pre-agrees a monthly fee with you, which can be fixed, volumetric or mixed depending on the size of your portfolio and your usage profile, thus you always know exactly what you are paying. Also, you have the comfort of knowing that when electricity wholesale prices change, you receive the benefit.

This approach will typically save you over 10% on your electricity cost, net of our fee, and will also increase your revenues if your business is an onsite generator of power.

Unbundling enables EnDCo to trade flexibly on your behalf. We can trade power contracts of varying duration, including weekly, daily and intraday, so we can react to your requirements, both forecasted and physical.