Flexible Trading

A flexible approach to wholesale electricity purchasing

Energy plays an increasingly integral part in business life, making it ever more important for any business to maximise its returns from the investment it makes in this field. This is especially true for a business that has developed the capacity to generate its own electricity and export any surplus into the UK network. With the steady erosion of the historic additional benefits associated with power supplied to the network – such as Transmission Network (TRIAD) & Balancing System (BSUoS) Use of System – it is vital that the maximum value is realised from any electricity generated for export.

EnDCo’s flexible trading Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows an optimal mixture of strategic and tactical contracts to be placed in accordance with each individual customer’s circumstances. The longer-term strategic trades can secure the required level of budgetary certainty to meet project, business or funding criteria, whilst short-term tactical trading handles the vagaries and increasing opportunities that the real world presents to its customers on an immediate and daily basis.

As an independent licensed electricity company providing direct and transparent access to the UK wholesale electricity markets, EnDCo is ideally placed to offer a flexible trading PPA – and, because it does not add any margin to the electricity it trades, all of the benefits derived from this approach are retained by its customers.

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