Related links

Below is a list of links to key energy-related organisations our customers may find useful:

AAHEDC – Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs
ACER – Agency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators
AMO – Association of Meter Operators
BEIS – Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (Supersedes DECC)
BMR – Balancing Mechanism Reports
BSC – Balancing & Settlement Code
BSUoS – Balancing Services Use of System
CCL – Climate Change Levy – HMRC
DCUSA – Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement
DECC – Department of Energy & Climate Change (Now superseded by BEIS – Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy)
DTN – Data Transfer Service
DUoS – Distribution Use of System
Electralink – Providers of Industry Data Transfer Network
Elexon – (BSCCo) Administrator of the balancing and settling arrangements (BSC)
ENA – Energy Networks Association
Energy UK – Trade association for the energy industry
FIT – Feed in Tariff – Ofgem Feed in Tariff Guidance for renewable installations
FIT – Feed In Tariff at DECC
FIT – Feed In Tariff at Ofgem
Green Deal –
MRASCo – Master Registration Agreement Service Company
NGRID – National Grid
NGRID CUSC – Connection and Use of System Code
Noordpool – Power Exchange (nee N2EX)
Ofgem – Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
REMIT – EU regulation on energy market integrity and transparency
RO – Renewable Obligation
Smart Metering –
TNUoS – Transmission Use of System